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Cocktails with Soju


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Welcome to Pluto Wine Johor Bahru – Your Destination for Exquisite Soju Cocktails!

Discover our signature cocktails that elevate your drinking experience:

1. Peach Garden

Delight in the refreshing Peach Garden, crafted with Korean Peach Soju, fragrant Rose Tea, vibrant Orange Juice, fizzy Sparkling Water, and zesty Lemon Juice. Enjoy this cocktail for just RM 68.

2. Blue Universe

Experience the cosmic flavors of the Blue Universe. This captivating drink combines Korean Lychee Soju, dazzling Blue Lagoon, bubbly Sparkling Water, and tangy Lime Juice. Available for RM 68.

All prices are subject to a 10% Service Charge. All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only.

Visit Pluto Wine Johor Bahru today and treat yourself to our refreshing Soju cocktails!

*All prices are subject to 10% Service Charge*
All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only

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