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About Us

Who We Are

PLUTO FINE WINE & DINE, headquartered in Johor, Malaysia, stands as an exquisite destination that harmoniously blends the art of fine wine and gourmet dining. As a distinguished fine wine bar and fine dining restaurant, we curate an ambiance that celebrates sophistication and indulgence. Our meticulously crafted wine selection, featuring a spectrum of flavours and origins, complements the culinary expertise showcased in our fine dining offerings.

At PLUTO FINE WINE & DINE, our commitment lies in providing a memorable rendezvous for patrons looking to savor the finest wines and culinary delights. Whether you seek the refined taste of aged vintages or the fusion of innovative flavors in our cuisine, our establishment caters to diverse palates with an unwavering dedication to quality and excellence. Step into our realm of sophistication, where each sip and bite transcend into a symphony of flavors, promising an unparalleled dining experience that elevates the art of wine and dining to new heights.